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Borgo Spante Farmhouse Holiday

Borgo Spante is an ancient rural domain set 650 metres high on the slopes of Mount Peglia (Umbria) and immersed in the deep greenery of the pine forest and the oak woods that surround it in a timeless embrace. It is not just a group of houses but a truly genuine village transformed to provide farmhouse holidays, with the family’s ancient villa and around it, a collection of farmhouses, some stables, even the small school no longer in use, which have all been converted into comfortable apartments.

The property is set in 10.000 hectares of estate land, untouched for centuries; in the park of the villa can be found an Italianate garden, an ancient Roccolo or green, tree-encircled space for ensnaring birds, the chapel that dates back to 1831 and a spring of clear, fresh water.

What for many a long year was a great agricultural enterprise, is today an oasis of peace and tranquillity, ideal for a nature holiday in a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

It is an ideal setting for excursions, for bird watching and walks, where you can savour the delightful and enchanting atmosphere of this corner of Umbria.

In this farmhouse holiday, eagerly devised and put into operation with creativity, simplicity and a sense of fun, by Claudia Spatola, moments of sheer bliss can be experienced as different, evocative aspects of its authentic charm are revealed. For within a radius of several kilometres one can penetrate into woodland scenery and look upon spellbinding torrents and lakes which are not only stunning spectacles but which offer evocative moments of peace and serenity.