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Things to see at Todi

Spot the medieval bastions of this fortified citadel and climb the rock from the valley of the Tiber to the gates of Todi and then onwards and upwards, across its paved roads to Piazza del Popolo.


Todi, offers a complete scenario of Umbrian history, and an intact testimony to the period of 1200 AD, the Free Towns and their craft villages.


The city’s central square is still brought to life by many markets. It is indeed on market days, among the antique, ceramic, metalwork and weavers’ stalls, that you can really feel the lively, active atmosphere of the medieval centre.


The main square is bordered by a number of historically and culturally important buildings: The Romanic Cathedral, the Gothic style Palazzo dei Priori, the Palazzo del Capitano, seat of the civic museum of Todi and the Palazzo del Popolo, historical seat of the city council.


A pearl of renaissance architecture rises on the outskirts of the medieval city: the Tempio di Santa Maria della Consolazione, attributed to Bramante, is a special church in the form of a Greek cross with four apses.


These are just some of the sights one can enjoy on a holiday in the area, discovering the history and treasures of Umbria.