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Authentic experiences

Open-minded curiosity, simplicity and respect: these are the key words that describe our “no frills” hospitality, based on our desire to discover the true nature of the people, animals and things we encounter.


We invite you to leave formalities, conventions and barriers behind you when you come into contact with the inhabitants – animal and human – of Agriturismo Borgo Spante. We invite you to open your heart to new ideas and experiences while listening to tales of princesses, poets and soldiers who lived in the village, and while learning about the flowers and leaves of the forest.


This is the spirit in which you will be welcomed to our rural hamlet in the hills of Orvieto.


What you will find at Agriturismo Borgo Spante:




The independent, spacious, rustic apartments are fully furnished and comprise a lounge, fireplace, kitchen or kitchenette, bedrooms with two or three beds and private bathroom.

From the village windows you can admire the main house, park, garden, avenue of holm-oaks leading to the antique bird snare (now sometimes used for archery), the bell tower and private chapel of the Madonna of Peace.


Dining experience


On summer evenings we serve dinner on the panoramic terrace under the starlit sky, overlooking hills that fade into the horizon and serenaded by cicadas.


During the winter we prefer to be cosy and lay the table in front of the crackling, open fireplace in the main lounge.




The exquisite dishes prepared by our chef, Giuliana, are to be tasted, shared and commented on in companionship. After years of experience we have found that appreciation of the excellent food leads to conversations on a deeper, more personal and more interesting level that allow our visitors to really get to know one another. This is why we set one table and our visitors sit and eat together.


How to enjoy your holiday.


Some early birds go off to discover the villages of Umbria, Lazio and Toscana (but please wait until nine o’clock for breakfast!)


From Trasimeno Lake to Bolsena Lake, passing Corbara Lake, or from Gubbio, Assisi, Bevagna and Montefalco, armed with tourist guides and our advice, Spante visitors fall in love with Montefiascone, Civita di Bagnoregio and Viterbo and push on as far as the Frasassi caves and the Marmore waterfalls.


Giuliana, our chef, warns them – waving an admonitory wooden spoon – to stay in the environs of Orvieto, Todi and Citta` di Castello, and not be late for dinner!


Those who prefer to relax can get up later and enjoy breakfast and coffee until midday, when it is time to move to the swimming pool!


After a refreshing dip and some sunbathing you can take your children to visit the farm animals: The white Chianina cows with their gentle, pink calves, the piglet whose tail curls up when touched, the geese, ducks and chickens that adore fresh grass and the rabbits, always twitching their ears to hear our calls.


Then there are those who enjoy exploring the paths of Monte Peglia Park, taking a walk, or a more demanding hike between the villages of Ospedaletto, Palazzo Bovarino, San Marino and Parrano, right up to Allerona and Selva di Meana.


Some typical routes in this unspoiled region Between Umbria and Toscana are: the Parco dei Sette Frati (Seven Brothers Park), the Anello dell’Elmo (The Ring of the Helmet), the Anello di Villalba (the Ring of Villalba) and the Anello delle Tane del Diavolo (The Ring of the Devil’s Lair)


What you will NOT find at Agriturismo Borgo Spante.



Racing drivers be warned: tarmac is outlawed in the Monte Peglia hills. To reach us you will have to follow 3km of gravel road, so we advise you to go slowly, unless you are a rally driver!


Air conditioning

The cool, natural forest breeze is quite sufficient. Even in August you should bring a warm jumper for evening chats on the terrace!



The evening programme consists of good conversation and your stories. The leaves rustling in the trees, the twittering of birds and the song of the cicadas provide our musical entertainment.


Fizzy drinks and ready-made snacks

We encourage you to detox from the “addictions” of modern society (in the form of coca cola and snack food) by offering you good red wine, herbal infusions and home baked cake. However, we do not perform car searches if you feel the necessity to bring some supplies!


Il progetto imprenditoriale realizzato ha come obiettivo principale quello di incrementare la redditività dell’impresa al fine di garantire la prosecuzione dell’attività agricola. Tale obiettivo è raggiunto attraverso l’incremento ed il miglioramento dell’efficienza dell’attività zootecnica; nello specifico si è incrementata la già ben avviata attività di allevamento attraverso la realizzazione di una nuova stalla che servirà da ricovero per gli animali.

Grazie alla presenza di un locale idoneo completo di paddock esterno, di una concimaia per la raccolta e smaltimento reflui e la disponibilità costante di acqua (grazie alla cisterna per l’accumulo di acqua piovana), sarà possibile migliorare la gestione della mandria nella sua globalità, facilitando i periodici controlli veterinari o l’assistenza in determinati momenti quali ad esempio i parti e la gestione dei capi con problemi di salute. I benefici economici derivanti dalla realizzazione dell'investimento realizzato saranno subito evidenti infatti, l'incremento di redditività fra la situazione ante e post-investimento rappresenta un buon miglioramento economico dell'impresa dettato dall’incremento del numero dei vitelli venduti. L’obiettivo perseguibile, riguarda principalmente il miglioramento ed il consolidamento economico dell’impresa, come conseguenza diretta del miglioramento dell’efficienza aziendale.