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Traditional Umbrian cuisine

The undisputed kingdom of our chef Giuliana is a magical place where natural products gathered from the forest and the farm are brought together in delicious, wholesome, authentic recipes of traditional Umbrian gastronomy.


Dinner consists of a four-course meal.


A sample of possible dishes:


Starters: pizza al testo, fried sage leaves, fried, stuffed courgette flowers, sorellucce or regional cold cut meats


First course: tagliatelle with wild asparagus, maltagliati with wild boar ragu, rustic polenta, spelt soup, wild mushroom and truffle lasagne


Main course: wild boar stew, roast meat marinated in local herbs, barbequed marinated meat, served with vegetables or salad from the farm’s vegetable plot.


Fresh fruit or dessert


Whatever the dishes of the evening, they are served with accompanying carafes of local wine and fresh water.


After dinner, guests are offered liqueurs on the house.


When you make a booking, please let us know if you have special dietary needs.