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Things to see at Orvieto

This is one of Italy’s most beautiful cities, a precious jewel that sits on a tuff escarpment rising high above the surrounding hills. It has attracted visitors since the times of the Grand Tour and never disappoints.


You can lose yourself in its winding medieval streets, among craft shops and traditional taverns, or visit the underground maze of catacombs, or encounter popes, lords and artists in the museums, churches and cathedral. There are so many things to do in this unique city.


Not to be missed is the Cathedral, a magnificent example of Italian medieval architecture. Palazzo Faina is fascinating, with its Faina museum and a wide range of historical and archaeological exhibits from the Orvieto area.


You can descend the steps of the Patrizio Well (248 steps lit up by 70 windows) and venture into the routes of “the city under the city”, a vast web of underground roads and tunnels that were first excavated in the tuff under the Orvieto cliff in Etruscan times.


Don’t hesitate to ask us for advice, information, suggestions and even company when following the tracks of history within the walls of Orvieto. We enjoy rekindling our passion for our land and history with our guests.