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Animals on Holiday

At Agriturismo Borgo Spante we offer a unique holiday to our guests. We encourage you to rediscover your bond with nature – animals and plants, and to communicate with and understand better the inhabitants of the forest, the farm and our home, by learning to interpret the signals given by the four-legged mammals and the birds.


All animals are welcome guests at Agriturismo Borgo Spante, where they can join their owners in meeting the well-loved animals that inhabit our little Noah’s Ark.


It is our firm belief that every creature should be listened to and respected and that the relationship between humans and animals is an essential part of life and of our ability to know ourselves, and the territory we wish to discover.


This is why dogs are not merely “admitted”, but are our honoured guests, and can enjoy a holiday in the countryside, among the animals of the woods and the farm, sniffing out scents they will not smell in the city.


Dogs are allowed to


  • roam freely, without a leash in all areas of the hamlet
  • enter all areas and paths of our splendid park
  • accompany their owners to the swimming pool
  • stay alone in the apartment to rest
  • accompany their owners at breakfast and dinner
  • relax in front of the fire in the lounge


A simple look or wag of the tail will be enough to get a treat from our chef, Giuliana!


Large dogs, shy puppies, aristocratic breeds and scruffy mongrels, pack your bed, bowl and food and come on a doggy holiday at Agriturismo Borgo Spante!