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Routes on Monte Peglia

This immense forest of ancient oaks is the largest green area of Umbria. It rises from the Todi hills, includes the territory of the Orvieto mountain and reaches the regional border of Toscana. It is an uncultivated area that encompasses natural treasures such as the Bosco dell’Elmo (Helmet Wood) and the spectacular Tane del Diavolo di Parrano (Devil’s Lair of Parrano).


The Regional Park of Mount Peglia offers a variety of activities, such as walks, hikes and mountain biking. The land is uncontaminated and the flora and fauna have remained intact and open to the discerning and respectful traveller who passes along the network of paths and gravel lanes.


Lovers of bird watching will know how to spot the birds of Mount Peglia: the honey buzzard, black kite, sparrow hawk, buzzard, green woodpecker and kingfisher!


On the paths around Agriturismo Borgo Spante you often hear the calls of deer, fallow deer, roe deer and wild boar, while at dusk you may come across foxes, martens, beech martens and badgers.


When using the car you need to watch out for hedgehogs, porcupines and hares on or alongside the road.


On winter nights it is not unusual to hear wolves howling in the distance, since they enjoy solitude and silence and avoid human contact.


Here in the heart of Umbria, you can deepen your knowledge and love of nature in a realm of extraordinary creatures.