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Posted on 5/6/2015 by in Blog, Storie del Popolo in Piedi | 0 comments

Rose della facciata

Roses in the front of the Villa

I have always been the friend of red blooded creatures, regardless of hot or cold!
I prefer mammals with tails, but feel affinity just the same with those who slither or have wings instead of arms as they are my brothers as well.  All of us can move on Mother Earth’s body as we share our experiences and learn many languages…


From the terrace overlooking the Chapel

I feel esteem and devotion to all the species of the Standing People from the lowest moss to the majestic oak.
I admire their adaptability to the passage of time, the force of the elements and the alternation of the seasons. I admire their ability to live on light and heat and let go of their leaves in autumn. I am struck by their immobility of contemplation and prayer. I admire and respect their longevity. I admire their patience and ability to grow slowly and witness many events.
They seem immense and superior in their ability to take nourishment from the sun and provide beauty and clean air for all things living. I admire the green sap, their bright blood able to retract into the deepest parts of their roots and trunk only to resurge in the spring.


from the pink to the red… Grandmother Mary’s roses

In the small world of Spante we celebrate the rebirth of life each spring and this year, the roses on the Villa façade, in the garden and at the poolside gave the best of themselves.
The roses in the garden and on the Villa façade,  as well as some red leafed begonias, bougainvillea and cactus in pots were planted by my grandmother Maria…She died forty years ago but her plants are still here blooming for her.

Il glicine del Giardino di Mezzogiorno

The wisteria above the south garden

I am not speaking of tall trees with big roots, but of flowering shrubs, hedges, bushes, wisteria, lemon trees, lilies, irises, tulips, violets and some ancient fruit trees…

Delicata perfezione...

Soft perfection…

This year, Giuliana placed some petunias in the climbing rose planters.
Spante was once filled with these delicate forgotten flowers. Giuliana didn’t know this, but some message from the roses or the breeze must have reached her in her unconscious desire for beauty.

sempre le rose di Nonna Maria

Grandmother Mary’s roses again

There will be, in another post, a time to celebrate Spante’s tall trees.
For right now, enjoy the blooms of June and try to smell the perfume!



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